2016 Gift Guide

November 28, 2016
Chelsea+Morgan 2016 Gift Guides

The holiday’s have arrived. Are you ready? Do you have your fat pants on?

This Christmas, I am surprised to say that I have most of my shopping done, thanks to online shopping… what better way to shop than laying in bed watching Netflix at 3 AM!?

Today is Cyber Monday, which means there are literally thousands of deals floating around on your favorite websites. I personally love Amazon, because you can pretty much buy anything on there. Amazon is also known to have some of the best deals today!

With that being said, check out my 2016 Gift Guide!

For that special lady you want to spend $400 on: 

Dyson Hairdryer 

I mean, seriously, this thing is incredible. Who would’ve ever thought you would be buying a hairdryer at Best Buy? Thanks technology.


Chelsea+Morgan 2016 Gift Guides

For the nostalgic:

NES Classic Edition

If your video game lover doesn’t spend enough time in front of the television, the 30 pre-loaded games will surely help with that.

Chelsea+Morgan 2016 Gift Guides

For the ‘wanderful’ woman in your life:

Kate Spade Passport Holder

We all have a fashionista in our lives that’s always on the go. She posts pictures overseas while we sit at an office desk… Don’t we all secretly want to be her?


For the outdoorsy friend:

Fatboy Lazmac

So this thing is really cool. It is an inflatable sofa that folds up so small you can fit it in a backpack! You inflate it by swinging it through the air like a crazy person, trapping the air and creating a comfy seat. Great for camping and beach trips! No air pump needed!



For the new mom:

Chewbeads Perry Teether Necklace

Gone are the days moms of infants can’t wear long necklaces! Chewbeads provides fashion and function all in one cute necklace. This necklace is baby proof and acts as a teether for infants!

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For the co-worker gift exchange: 

Chirps Cricket Chips

Yes, chips made with ground crickets. Nothing says “I love working here” like giving away cricket chips for the exchange! The real fun is seeing which co-worker actually wants to try them.


For the picnic lovers:

Mark and Graham Wine Tote

Nothing is cuter than going on a picnic with your SO, and you know you’ll be bringing wine, so why not carry it in style?



For your BFF:

India Hicks Giftbox

This is such a great gift for your closest friends or even those “friends” you just have no idea what to buy them. Little gift baskets are some of my favorite gifts, because what girl doesn’t like candles and lotion! And if you happen to know a freak that doesn’t like candles and lotion, they can split the items up and re-gift it! Look how generous you are.


For literally anyone:

I mentioned this last year and I’m going to mention it again. We are in progressive times people, and giving a gift that isn’t actually tangible is totally OK! I’m talking about memberships: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club, the list goes on and on! Many of these memberships are for the entire year, isn’t that nice? Give a gift that lasts all year!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this small gift guide!



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