Thanks for visiting Chelsea+Morgan. My blog’s focus is the same as my life’s: taking great things and making them better. I’ve always loved furniture and design, and now I’m a professional interior designer.  (See my contact page to get it touch for services.)

In my blog you will find great design ideas including DIY projects and product must haves, along with other aspects of my life that I enjoy such as style and travel.

Many of my furniture refurbishing ideas, up-cycling techniques and innovative design tips come from necessity as much as from my desire to express myself.

I grew up in a Dallas suburb and moved to Fort Worth to get my interior design degree from Texas Christian University.

I aspire to someday own a boutique furniture store filled with furniture of my own design. That will have to wait a while.

For now, I’m content to use my own home as my creative outlet. I love finding old furniture on craigslist or at a Goodwill store and making it my own.

Something as simple as finding a wooden bowl and spraying it gold to make it beautiful allows me to fulfill a desire inside me that I can’t explain. You see, design runs through my blood.

Christmas in my family always meant lots of handmade items — from cheeseboards to rocking chairs. My grandfather is a woodworker, and he passed his love of being a craftsman down through the family. My father chose to express his creativity in the metal working industry and my uncle followed in my grandfathers footsteps with woodworking. Now I have chosen interior design to express my uniqueness.

I hope you’re inspired by my posts to find your creative outlet. When you use your skills and ideas to make your corner of the world better, you’re living your best life!


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Snapchat: itschelseak