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Tie dye is back 😀  and I’m not talking about your DIY shirt you made when you were 12, throw that out. Plenty of tie dye dresses are coming out and I love them! I always love when a fashion makes a comes back…

May 15, 2016

Rocksbox Part II

Good morning friends! Today I am bringing you my second Rocksbox package. This past week has been so insane, hints why I’ve gone AWOL! One of my best friends, Elizabeth, got engaged and even though I almost ruined the surprise, WE DID IT. We drove…

May 12, 2016


Now that I have developed a following on Instagram (almost 2000 woo!) I have been asked to do several campaigns/sponsorship with different companies.  When I started this journey a short 6 months ago I never thought I would be teaming up with a jewelry…

April 16, 2016

India Hicks Online Get Together

I’m having an online party and you’re invited…get excited!  Shoutout to my girl Brooke Petty ♥ “What’s an online party?” you say, well have you ever heard of an old school Tupperware party? A group of women gather in a Hostess’ home and buy the…

April 15, 2016

DIY Stamped Pineapple Shirt

I purchased a pineapple stamp a few months ago from Michael’s and I had yet to really do anything with it. In recent fashions I have seen several pineapple patterns coming up for spring and summer and I figured I could make my own!…

April 12, 2016