C+M Travel Bag Must Haves

August 24, 2016

I have been traveling some lately and I have a ton of trips coming up. Last weekend I went to Florida with my bestie for her graduation, Congrats Mer, and this weekend San Antonio! Then after that I am headed to Vegas!

So I always have to have my favorites with me when I travel. From hair products to the most classic skin remedy of all times, I’ve got it covered.

1. Davines Oi Oil 

This stuff is hair magic, it is great for detangling post shower and gives your hair the adding shine and strength you’ve been searching for. After blow drying I use a little extra to smooth my fried, split ends.

2. Neutrogena Tinted Moisturizer

I love carrying a tinted moisturizer with me on trips because sometimes you wake up feeling a little uhh.. hungov… REALLY TIRED, and you don’t feel like caking on a full face of makeup before skipping out to brunch. If you want sheer coverage on the go, a tinted moisturizer is your go to bff. Also, great for beachy destinations because of the SPF 30.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo 

I used to be a chronic washer! I washed my hair every day, all through high school up until the end of college. I was envious of the girls who could roll out of bed without looking like they dipped their head in olive oil. I started to try different dry shampoos, and after about $200 of wasted product, I found Batiste. IT IS THE BEST. I found that most dry shampoos leave a film and weigh down your hair, but Batiste has saved the day. My hair has changed for the better now that I don’t wash it daily.  At $8.00 a bottle it’s a dream come true!

4. Vaseline

Lather Lather repeat. Flying can dehydrate you and your skin, and if you aren’t drinking enough water your dry lips are going to be the first sign. It is great for lips, cuticles, and scratchy elbows (you know who you are). You can even mix Vas with your favorite blush for a new lip color!

5. Tide to Go Pen 

Isn’t this so obvious? I’m clumsy and I like to wear white, I am going to need a miniature washing machine on hand at all times.

6. Anker Portable Charger

This past weekend I forgot my trusty charger and had to purchase one at the airport when our flight got canceled. These are great for when you plan and the world laughs at you and says “take this!” You don’t want to get stuck traveling with no phone battery, because you never know what will happen!



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