Colorful Moroccan Rugs

October 24, 2016

Today I am excited to share that I am adding an inspiration section to my blog! This section is intended to shine light on designs I love, while hopefully inspiring and teaching you how to achieve these great designs at home!

To start off this new section I wanted to write about one of my favorite accessories in the home: RUGS. A great rug is so important to finish out your design.

It’s like putting the cherry on top… except this cherry is at the very bottom…on the floor, so maybe not the best metaphor, but you get the picture.

My absolute favorite rugs are of the Moroccan style. Moroccan motifs have mastered being bold, bright, and colorful, without being too heavy.

Done correctly, these rugs won’t distract or take away from the rest of your design.


Photo: In Honor of Design 


Photo: Wit & Delight

Alyssa Rosenheck, design by Jennifer Robins Interiors

Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck, design by Jennifer Robins Interiors


Photo: StyleBlueprint

I absolutely love how fresh these spaces look even with a bold statement piece.

One thing  you notice about these rooms is the rugs are almost the only thing patterned.

 If you are going to go with a boldly patterned rug, keeping the rest of the design simple, is key for keeping a nice balance. 

You can also choose an accent color from the rug and use in on the walls or in other accessories in the room such as furniture or pillows. In each of the photos above there is at least one accent color chosen and represented elsewhere in the room.

 My favorite example is the first photo with the bright pink rug and navy leather sofa. The navy in the sofa pulls from the small navy line in the rug and it creates a harmony you didn’t even know was there.

Here are some great places to shop Moroccan rugs:

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