Easy Bench Upholstery

December 2, 2016
Chelsea+Morgan Easy Bench Upholstery

Happy December!

Once again, I have been so so busy and I have been wanting to post this for a while, but I couldn’t find my before pictures…and then I thought “well maybe I didn’t take any.” BUT I found them!

Chelsea+Morgan Easy Bench Upholstery

I found this cute little bench at Goodwill and I thought I would see if I could give it some new life!

This bench was the perfect project for re-upholstery, because the seat unscrews easily from the bottom. I removed seat and I also removed the first layer of fabric, because I wanted to see what was under there. Guess what?! More fabric. So exciting!

Chelsea+Morgan Easy Bench Upholstery Chelsea+Morgan Easy Bench Upholstery

When looking for a re-upholstery project, I always make sure I can remove the seating easily. I haven’t mastered upholstery yet, so I decide to leave most of it to the professionals, but this bench was too easy!

After removing the seat, I measured out enough new fabric to cover the seat. Add extra length to fold under.

Chelsea+Morgan Easy Bench Upholstery

You can use a colored pencil to draw your cut lines because you will be folding that part under the bench anyways.

Then I used a regular staple gun with 3/4″ staples to secure the fabric to the bottom of the seat. You want to fold the fabric almost like wrapping paper. Folding it in on the corners so your fabric doesn’t get all bunched up. The great thing is that it doesn’t have to look good at all on the bottom, because no one will ever see it! Go crazy with the staples if you want!

Chelsea+Morgan Easy Bench Upholstery

Before I put the seat back on, I painted the bench white using my favorite Maison Blanch Paint. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it agian, this stuff is the best! It is thick, and it sticks to everything! You don’t have to sand down or remove previous finishes from your piece, which I love.

Chelsea+Morgan Easy Bench Upholstery

Chelsea+Morgan Easy Bench Upholstery

All I did was screw the seat back on and I was done!

I’ve been wanting to re-upholster something for a while so I was really happy when I found this piece. I’m always on the lookout for furniture at Goodwill and estate sales!



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