LipSense Review

December 30, 2016

It’s almost New Years and I think its safe to say everyone is ready for 2016 to be over!!

One of my absolute best friends just started selling a product called LipSense, something I have never heard of before!

LipSense feels super exclusive because you can’t purchase it in stores.

So like a good girlfriend I ordered some! We are good friends like that, we support each other!

I don’t normally wear a ton of lipstick or lip gloss, because my lips are always so dry, adding color sometimes makes them look worse.

I went ahead and ordered the Starter Pack, which comes with 1 color, 1 gloss, & 1 remover.

All I can say is WOW! This stuff is amazing. I can understand why they sell a remover in the starter kit because this stuff isn’t going anywhere.

LipSense means serious business. After applying 3 coats of color, you apply the gloss. The gloss has a white application tip, and normally you would expect some color to rub of on the applicator, right? Not with LipSense.

You may get a slight tingle when you first put the color on, but it goes away in about 10 seconds, and the gloss will help keep your lips moisturized.

So I am going to link you guys over to her Facebook page and I hope you will try it out! Click HERE.

Or you can search Kissable Lips by Liz in your Facebook search bar.

She is even doing a New Years giveaway, so check it out!




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