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May 1, 2016

Hello friends,

Admittedly I am a hoarder of mail, coupons, birthday cards…well, anything paper really. Although I’m a part of Generation Y, I still love good ole paper and pen.

Normally I have kept cards and important letters in a drawer or old shoe box, but I have now decided to make a mail/card organizer! It’s a really cute project that you can put your own spin on to make it all your own.

You will need:

  • Frame
  • Spray Paint
  • Cardboard or Foam Core (if your frame does not already have it)
  • Burlap or other fabric
  • Hot glue gun

I found my frame at (are you ready) Goodwill. Typical. It is better to use a linear frame for this project.



Remove existing glass and photo from frame. My frame came with a small piece of cardboard, so I will be using that to attach the burlap. If your frame does not come with a cardboard backing, use the frame to trace a rectangle/square onto cardboard and use an Xacto knife to make your backing.

I sprayed my frame a different color because I didn’t like the original one.


While your frame is drying attach the burlap to the cardboard. I purchased burlap at Jo-ann’s. I also used a cotton fabric first becuase the burlap has tiny holes and didn’t want to see cardboard behind it.

You can really use any fabric for this project as long as it isn’t too thin.

Now fold your fabric up to create the pockets. You may want to have a card or piece of paper nearby as a measurement guide. Before you glue the fabric around the back of the cardboard you will have open flaps like below.



Now the back of this isn’t pretty, but hopefully no one will ever see that! You will now fold the sides in, and glue the burlap down. Replace the cardboard in the frame and you are done.



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