My Coffee Table

October 29, 2015


My (Craigslist) Coffee Table

So, I am staring at this beautiful coffee table on my favorite home store website, WEST ELM.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 7.31.12 PM

Contemplating spending half of my paycheck on this beauty ↑, I was thinking, “What are you doing? You can make something better.” So my search began. After flipping through SO MANY pages, I found this.


Not so pretty…right? On Craigslist you have to look beyond people’s crummy photography and think about how you can transform the piece. I was thinking that it looked (I could make it look) kind of like the $700 table I was drooling over on West Elm.  After a little bargaining, I bought this coffee table for $20 from a nice man in Euless. (BE CAREFUL ON CRAIGSLIST) I always take my man with me. Thanks babe♥


This is a better picture of the before table. The man in Euless explained the top glass had broken while he was moving. It is an Ethan Allen table that is heavy, sturdy, in great shape, and it doesn’t feel cheap.

The iron was a little rusted, so I gave it a fresh spray of matte black paint.


After spray painting and sanding off the old finish, staining on a new color was next. Sanding isn’t always fun, but I had help from Mr. Breed (my boyfriends dad)… and we both had some help from Mr. Wine! Thank you both!  MINWAX Weathered Oak is the color I used. This looks intimidating but its so easy! Just dip a rag in the stain and rub it on.    

DSC_0583       DSC_0588

The last step was getting a glass top! This part was a little more expensive than I expected but it was worth it for the end result! I got my glass from a local company. They said “This is a special order it will be ready in 6-8 business days.” I don’t know how but, It was ready in less than 24 hour! LUCKY ME! Thank you Binswanger Glass of Fort Worth!So here it is! My new table. I am in love with it. Spending WAY less on furniture is always good, but making it new on your own is special in its own way. Now I am on the hunt for some good books to finish it off.