Pom Pom Bag

July 22, 2016

Hello loves!

Thanks for making your way over to my blog! Not a lot has been going on here because I have been busy working on my first solo residential job! I have always loved working with clients in my previous internships, so now doing it on my own is even more rewarding!

Today I am showing y’all how to make this super cute pom pom bag. All you need is yarn, a straw bag, and a hot glue gun. Odds are, you already have a few of those items lying around the house!

Step One: Making Pom Poms

To make the pom poms, you will first wrap A TON of yarn around your fingers.  The more yarn you wrap, the fuller your poms will be.  After wrapping, tie a knot in the middle of the loops you have made. Once your knot is secure you can cut the loops creating your pom. See picture below!




Step Two: Gluing Poms Down

Once you have your poms made, use a hot glue gun to secure your beautiful pom poms onto your bag. If you don’t have a straw beach bag lying around you can purchase the one I used here, on Amazon. I love this bag, it is huge, and perfect for the beach or a farmers market! There is a new farmers market in the up and coming Clearfork area at The Trailhead! I have been dying to check it out! Has anyone been to it? Let me know!



Step Three: Just kidding, there is no step three. YOU’RE DONE.  

I am always all about an easy project. The most time consuming part of this project is making the pom poms. I used a whole roll of yarn for this, and it isn’t the most fun part of the project, but the end result is so worth it!



There you have it! Thanks again for stopping by!

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  • Reply Alisa December 31, 2016 at 2:56 am

    From a fellow pom pom lover, this is adorable!! Now to thrift a straw bag so I can make one for spring! 🙂

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